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 Getting your ad to us
Deciding to advertise with The Forest Edge might be your companies first obstacle to tackle. However, after you decide, then what? Then, you need to send your ad to us! There are many ways to send your ad to us, and most of them do not take any skill what-so-ever. Below are a few of the many options available for us to receive your ad.

 1. Email your ad
The simplest of all the options, emailing your ad to us is as simple as 1, 2, 3. To email your ad to us, you must first have the digital file scanned in. We accept the following file types for you to submit to us:

The file extension in red is the best type of file to work with for your ad to come out in the highest quality possible. To send your ad to us via email, please do so to the address below:

 2. Mail your ad to us
Package a photo-ready copy of your ad into a non-bendable package and mail it to us and we'll scan it into our computers and place it in our publication. To send mail to us, send to the following address:
     The Forest Edge
     5901 Hall St.
     Grand Rapids, MI 49546

The Forest Edge     5901 Hall St. SE     Grand Rapids, MI  49546     616.493.8700 x 6300
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